Nutriously Delicious Wholesome Granola Bowls


July 26, 2012 by RaesOfSunshine

Granola. What does it mean?





Granola is food.


it’s delicious.

Forget the sterotypes.

Forget the labels.

I just ate my weight in granola


it felt so good.

Have you had a bowl of delicious-ness lately?


You should.

Saying I ate my weight in granola is a pretty blunt statement, so let me take you to the roots…

The “Shook”



Miniature Pineapples?



My personal favorite: raw nuts.

You may say I was like a child in a candy store.

All I can really say is that my indecisiveness turned into coming home with a plethora of different raw nuts each in their own bag.

Raw nuts are a great source of protein and energy & with long days of classes, little sleep, and only a dairy kitchen available…

Let’s just say my salad had to move-over in the refrigerator for my new prized products raw nut collection. 

Granola, dates, raw nuts, fresh fruit, and dark chocolate
topped yogurt/almond milk/milk

You can not top that :)





Considering I hike up 400+ stairs to class every morning…


I need more than the beautiful view to keep me going.


Oh yeah.

So many combinations.

So yum.

Huge bowl of wholesome granola?

Yes, Please.

Hiking up 400 stairs under the raesofsunshine?

Bring it on :)

One thought on “Nutriously Delicious Wholesome Granola Bowls

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