Mom’s Day Treat: Piña Colada

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May 10, 2012 by RaesOfSunshine

Hello, raesofsunshine.

Thank you for coming out again today and warming my heart.

Please, stay – especially for Mom’s Day on Sunday!

Lets toast to that.


Not with any of the pre-made mixtures above.

I was scrounging this aisle searching for coconut milk (!!!)

All I found was….

Cream of coconut.

Is this coconut or a chemistry experiment?

No, thank you.

Don’t worry Mom, I did not buy the cream of coconut.

Instead, I’ll make you a  healthy fruit-filled Pina Colada – hold the propylene glycol alginate & polysorbate 60 ;)

It is the power of combining a fruit smoothie with the flavors of frozen tequila drink.

This treat is Mom and Rae approved:

  • Frozen fruit.
  • Smoothie.
  • Tangy.
  • No added sugar.
  • Tequila is optional.

Healthy Piña Colada for Two

*Non-alcoholic version is approximately 115 cal, 2 protein, and 3 fiber per serving


  • .5 c coconut milk (or coconut dream for less calories…not cream of coconut!!)
  • 1 c frozen pineapple
  • 1 frozen chopped banana
  • 2 shots tequila (optional)

The “How To”:

First, microwave the frozen pineapple for approximately 30 seconds to soften. Add the coconut milk, softened frozen pineapple, and frozen chopped banana into the blender. Blend up! (Optional) Add in the tequila and blend to incorporate.

Deliciously tropical coconut pineapple smoothie or piña colada…

Your choice.

Treat your mom, treat yourself!

With high hopes of a Sunday filled with raesofsunshine, what are you planning for Mom’s Day?

Comments? Requests? Questions?

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