Chicago, Please Stop Playing with my Emotions!


April 30, 2012 by RaesOfSunshine

Good Morning, Cinnamon Coconut Soy Latte!

What a week.

I need some raesofsunshine, bad!

This gloomy weather is just not working after having such beautiful weather for a few weeks days.


Why are you playing with my head?

Please, stop.

Rain & cold please go away! Let some raesofsunshine come out today!

On another note, this past week was my last week of classes.



This Week?

It’s a crazy feeling.

Constantly in school and working and, soon, going to be a semi-free bird.

Looking back at the last four years, I can truly say I grew into my skin.

I found my life-calling, gained priceless knowledge, and am proud of who I am and what I stand for.

I have also had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and inspirational people, in which I feel that I have learned something from everyone I met and everything I endured.

It’s may be obvious that I am a health foodie.

Well, the other day, I got asked a very interesting question.

I have spoken to numerous friends and acquaintances about nutrition, health,…food.

Somehow, the topic always arises.

This time in particular, I was taken aback.

Yes, me.


I wasn’t sure if it was the question or the fact that I never saw or felt this perspective before.

He said “I eat well most of the time. I think of the consequences on my body, and can usually choose a healthier alternative. But, how do you force down healthy food all the time? I can sometimes, but do you just tell yourself it’s good for you and force yourself to eat it?”

Hmm….This dives into my nutrition & eating style, which is a whole spiel on it’s own.

As this post is already getting long and I do not have a dress for my graduation, this week…

Keep posted for the response to this question!

To me finding a graduation dress semi-last minute and the weathermen being semi-correct on their predictions for the week: all raesofsunshine & no only a few isolated T-Storms!

4 thoughts on “Chicago, Please Stop Playing with my Emotions!

  1. 1) let me know if you’d like to borrow a dress… I have quite a few gorgeous ones!
    2) your friend’s question confuses me. What does he mean by force? Maybe he’s still addicted to sugar/fat/salt and gets cravings for it? Healthy food is SO much more delicious, interesting, colourful, and flavourful! And I personally feel ill when I think of eating unhealthy, processed things (I do eat them once in a while, but then I actually DO feel sick!) I feel like if someone told me to eat unhealthy food, I would have to force THAT down.
    I’ve also had an interesting experience with my blog and cooking for people… I often get told that I eat “SO HEALTHY”, which I don’t really understand! People don’t seem to understand how my food can be “so healthy” yet “so delicious”. All I do is cook interesting food! I don’t feel like I’m particularly healthy… I cook with fats, add sugar and salt when I want and don’t really cut corners. So I’m shocked when people tell me I’m so healthy because I’m comparing myself to those raw food people! I guess it’s all relative.
    Anyway, I was just curious about the nature of his question… does he not know how to cook? Does he not know about the amazing spices and flavours that are available to him? His comment makes me want to cook for him!

    • Thank you! B”H I found one, it’s at the tailor right now (too fragile of a material for me to attempt on my not-so-fancy (current) sewing machine). lol yes! That is why I didn’t know what to say! I agree with you, healthy food is absolutely delicious! I learned through multiple experiences that there is a lack of knowledge of how to eat healthy and what healthy is …but I’ll get into that later ;)

  2. S says:

    You are a true inspiration !

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