Motivational Monday

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April 23, 2012 by RaesOfSunshine

With only one week left of class, seeking inspiration to focus is a must.

Therefore, this morning when studying and finishing papers pinterest-ing, I found the focus I needed to study blog!


Thanks to for posting and @Rick Lovett for pinning the photo.

Although this photo was aimed at weight-loss, what a great motivation for everyday life! I feel as technology continues to develop and become more prominent in everything we do, including being glued to smart-phones, it’s easy to feel that we are in complete control of our lives.

So, when something does not go as expected..

Let’s just say…

that as much as I make the effort to run and try to catch an earlier train, I just always seem to miss it. True Story.

It’s life.

Only Plan A.

Plan B? Grabbing coffee with team members to practice a presentation.

Not so bad.

Thank G-d, no need to go through the whole alphabet of optional plans over a train schedule, but the options are there if I need them…now that’s a good feeling!

What motivates you in the morning?

To a shining start of the week filled with raesofsunshine.

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